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Seminars, Awards, & Publications

Training/ Seminars

  • Digital Marketing Seminar (2018)

  • Multilingual Writers and Speakers (2017)

  • Hybrid and Online Teaching (2017)



Minei, E. Eatough, E, & Cohen, Y. (2018). Managing Illegitimate Task Requests Through Explanation and Acknowledgment: A Discursive Leadership Approach. Management Communication Quarterly, 374-397.


Minei, E. & Dunn, K. S. (2017). Teaching group interdependence: A campus murder mystery activity. Communication Teacher, 172-176.


Breiner, T., & Minei, E. (2016). Corporate acculturation neglect: The case of Denmark and the United States. Journal of International Communication, 1-25. 


Minei, E. (2016). Teaching small group communication: A Do Good project. Insight: Journal of Scholarly Teaching, 11(1), 1-15.


Minei, E. (2015). Discursive leadership: Harmonious and discordant framing-to-sensemaking outcomes.  Journal of Creative Communications, 10(2), 1-20.


Taha, D., Hastings, S. O., & Minei, E. (2015), Shaping student activists: Discursive sensemaking of activism and participation research, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 1-15.


Weger, H. Jr., Castle, G. R., Minei, E., & Emmett, M. (2014). Active listening in initial interactions: Perceptions of perceived understanding, social attraction, and conversational satisfaction. International Journal of Listening, 28(1), 13-31.


Minei, E., & Matusitz, J. (2013). Cyberterrorist messages: A semiotic perspective. Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, 197, 276-281.


Minei, E., & Bisel, R. (2013). Negotiating the meaning of team expertise: A firefighter team’s epistemic denial. Small Group Research, 44, 7-32. 


Minei, E. & Matusitz, J. (2013). Diffusion and glocalization: Dialectical tensions for Wal-Mart in Mexico. Global Business Perspectives, 1, 106-121.


Matusitz, J., & Minei, E. (2013). New trends in globalization: An examination of the Brazilian case. Journal of Social Change, 43, 1, 1-19. 


Minei, E. & Matusitz, J. (2012). Cyberspace as a new arena for terroristic propaganda: An updated examination. Poiesis and Praxis: International Journal of Technology, 9(1), 163-176.


Matusitz, J., & Minei, E. (2011). Cultural adaptation of an MNC in Mexico: A success story. Transition Studies 18(2), 418-429.


Minei, E., & Matusitz, J. (2011). Cyberterrorist messages and their effects on targets: A qualitative analysis. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 21(8), 995-1019.


Matusitz, J., & Minei, E. (2009). Cyberterrorism: Its effects on health-related infrastructures. Journal of Digital Forensic Practice, 2(4), 161-171.


  • Presidential Teaching Nominee (Baruch 2017)

  • Hybrid/Online Teaching Fellow (Baruch, 2017)

  • Stanley Saxon Applied Research Award (2016)

  • Outstanding Professor Nominee, (Baruch, 2016)

  • ​Outstanding MA Ed Nominee, (Baruch, 2016)

  • Applied Research Award, (NCA, 2014)

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award (OU; 2013)

  • Grad Doctoral Student of the Year (OU; 2012)

  • Stanley Saxon Applied Research Award, (2011)

  • Top Paper Award, (NCA, 2011)

  • Top Paper Award, (NCA; 2010)

  • Grad Masters Student of the Year (UCF; 2009)

  • Outstanding Thesis Award (UCF; Dept., 2009)

  • Outstanding Thesis Award (UCF; School, 2009)

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