"Knowledge is Power"

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Dr. Elizabeth Minei, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Liz and I love to work with people and solve problems.


The way I work is personal. I want to hear your story, your goals, and the desires you hope to achieve. How could the results be tailored to you otherwise?


-Knowledge is Power


Presidential Teaching Nominee (Baruch 2017)

Hybrid/Online Teaching Fellow (Baruch, 2017)

Stanley Saxon Applied Research Award (2016)

Outstanding Professor Nominee, (Baruch, 2016)

​Outstanding MA Ed Nominee, (Baruch, 2016)

Applied Research Award, (NCA, 2014)

Outstanding Dissertation Award (OU; 2013)

Grad Doctoral Student of the Year (OU; 2012)

Stanley Saxon Applied Research Award, (2011)

Top Paper Award, (NCA, 2011)

Top Paper Award, (NCA; 2010)

Grad Masters Student of the Year (UCF; 2009)

Outstanding Thesis Award (UCF; Dept., 2009)

Outstanding Thesis Award (UCF; School, 2009)


CITI Research Training Certification

CUNY Workplace Violence Prevention Certification



Digital Marketing Seminar (2018)

Multilingual Writers and Speakers (2017)

Hybrid and Online Teaching (2017)


Classes Taught:


Public Speaking

Interpersonal Communication

Introduction to Communication

Organizational Communication

Communication for Executives

Business and Professional Communication

Small Group Communication

Managerial Communication

Leadership and Organizations



Organization Communication

Qualitative Research Methods





Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, Organizational and Interpersonal Communication

M.A., University of Central Florida, Organizational and Interpersonal Communication

B.A., Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina- Corporate Communication



Minei, E. Eatough, E, & Cohen, Y. (2018). Managing Illegitimate Task Requests Through Explanation and Acknowledgment: A Discursive Leadership Approach. Management Communication Quarterly, 374-397. 

Minei, E. & Dunn, K. S. (2017). Teaching group interdependence: A campus murder mystery activity. Communication Teacher, 172-176. 


Breiner, T., & Minei, E. (2016). Corporate acculturation neglect: The case of Denmark and the United States. Journal of International Communication, 1-25. 


Minei, E. (2016). Teaching small group communication: A Do Good project. Insight: Journal of Scholarly Teaching, 11(1), 1-15.


Minei, E. (2015). Discursive leadership: Harmonious and discordant framing-to-sensemaking outcomes.  Journal of Creative Communications, 10(2), 1-20.


Taha, D., Hastings, S. O., & Minei, E. (2015), Shaping student activists: Discursive sensemaking of activism and participation research, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 1-15.


Weger, H. Jr., Castle, G. R., Minei, E. M., & Emmett, M. (2014). Active listening in initial interactions: Perceptions of perceived understanding, social attraction, and conversational satisfaction. International Journal of Listening, 28(1), 13-31.


Minei, E., & Matusitz, J. (2013). Cyberterrorist messages: A semiotic perspective. Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, 197, 276-281.


Minei, E, & Bisel, R. (2013). Negotiating the meaning of team expertise: A firefighter team’s epistemic denial. Small Group Research, 44, 7-32. 


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Minei, E. & Matusitz, J. (2012). Cyberspace as a new arena for terroristic propaganda: An updated examination. Poiesis and Praxis: International Journal of Technology, 9(1), 163-176.


Matusitz, J., & Minei, E. (2011). Cultural adaptation of an MNC in Mexico: A success story. Transition Studies 18(2), 418-429.


Minei, E., & Matusitz, J. (2011). Cyberterrorist messages and their effects on targets: A qualitative analysis. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 21(8), 995-1019.


Matusitz, J., & Minei, E. (2009). Cyberterrorism: Its effects on health-related infrastructures. Journal of Digital Forensic Practice, 2(4), 161-171.


2016 Jackson Holtz Memorial Keynote Address

2017 Sigma Alpha Delta Invited Speaker Address