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About Me

"What is your story? What goals and desires do you hope to achieve?"


Dr. Elizabeth Minei (Ph.D.), founder of EMinei Consulting, LLC.

The founder of EMinei Consulting, Dr. Elizabeth Minei (Ph.D.), is a consultant and an academic professor. She loves working with people and solving problems. Armed with her expertise in communications, she solves problems by getting to know her clients personally and tailoring her services to get desired results.

Providing consultation services to students and professionals, she helps them with the usual headaches we face in order to get our desired grades, get into our desired schools, and to advance in our career: Resumes, cover letters, personal statement, college applications, essays (including medical school ones), thesis editing, project reports and proposals, etc.

Not just individuals, but companies too! Being a leader and working well in a team can be tough sometimes. Be it organizing retreats, giving an intense seminar, or working one-to-one, Dr. Minei does what is needed to help companies solve workplace issues such as crisis management, communicating change, and interpersonal dynamics.

What's your story and goals?

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