"Knowledge is Power"

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Which service is right for you?

Leadership Consulting


Even the best leaders sometimes need help with workplace issues. I work one-on-one with leaders on needs-based projects. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Public speaking development

  • Personality coaching

  • Supervisor-to-subordinate communication

  • Un/Planned change communication

  • Crisis management skills building

  • Leadership communication skills

  • Entrepreneurial concerns

  • Trust building in the workplace

  • Reputation management

  • Apology delivery

  • Interpersonal dynamics

  • High Reliability Coaching, etc.

Small Group/Team Consulting


Small groups and teams make up a vast majority of the workplace--especially in the days of flattened hierarchies. I work with small groups and teams on issues including:

  • Interpersonal dynamics

  • Conflict management and resolutions

  • Tailored personality consulting

  • Process improvement

  • Technology incorporation

  • Logistics (including more effective meetings; strategies for better decision making outcomes; training for consideration of alternatives, etc.).

  • Flexible packages range from 1-day intensive seminars, to long-term approaches that take leave the team feeling more cohesive and less combative. 


Workplace Issues Training


Training options include:

  • One-on-one workplace consulting: I meet with you in your work space to assess issues and tailor results to the needs of your team, or work group.

  • Off premises training/consulting: This approach works for individuals who want issue-specific consultation and training, often short term or dealing with one particular request

  • Team Retreat training: I plan a tailored retreat that serves as both a getaway from the work space, and an outlet for development. Retreats can be planned for as long or as short as you need.