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“Liz was able to help me take my MBA essays from okay to amazing. Reading her writing is like reading in color. I am thoroughly impressed.”


— Zach,  Carnegie Melon, MBA 

"My collaboration with Dr. Minei has been the most rewarding experience of my career. 

While working with Dr. Minei some of the qualities I appreciated the most were her timely and constructive feedback, her honesty and her ability to create the sense of partnership throughout the year-long research project. Dr. Minei has been an inspiring mentor who has  energized and encouraged me to be my very best while with her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and very personable nature has assisted in creating a completed research project that I'm very proud of."


— Tina, Baruch College, Grad Student

"As many people feel, I found the college application and essay process quite stressful. Liz took my essays to that next level to make my application stand out. There was no way admissions directors couldn't take a second look. She talks with you about what you are trying to say, helps express those thoughts in words, and by the end product you are able to take a step back and say 'wow!!'."


— Matt, Gettysburg College, Undergrad

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Liz on several occasions. She helped turn my standard resume into a work of art and as a result, I was able to land my dream job. She also helped me with my MBA admission essay. She took my words, transformed them and made the words come alive. Each time I’ve worked with Liz, she has been attentive and professional. Her knowledge and professionalism makes her an expert in this field. I’m so grateful for her services!"


— Allison, Retail Marketer

"Liz is a MUST for help with documents."
— Kelly, Accepted to UCF, Undergrad

"I was very pleased with the consulting I received from Liz. I recently took a few months away from the corporate life to travel around the world. When I came back to the United States, I was struggling to get noticed by employers. This was mainly due to the fact my resume was out-of-date.

I worked with Liz to update my resume, and I was very impressed with the end result.


During the narrative interview, she was able to extract the most pertinent information and phrase it in a way that would stick out to employers. Soon after receiving my fresh customized resume, I suddenly had more interviews lined up than I knew what to do with. I was interviewing with some of the largest companies such as Amazon, Boeing, FedEx, and Deloitte. From there, I worked with Liz on my interview technique. I gained so much confidence through working with her. A short 4 weeks after working with Liz, I have accepted a position at a Fortune 100 company and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend working with Liz to anyone who is looking for a job or is about to interview."

Jeremy, Inventory Specialist

“Recently, while applying for graduate school, Liz edited my admission’s paper. I did not know what to expect. Maybe she would tell me to expand a little more on my personal experience or switch a couple of words around. The revision I received, though, was as thorough a job as I have ever been given.


She sent my paper back in two versions: One clean version, and one displaying editing notes so I could see what she changed. She was able to change the flow of my opening paragraph where I recreated dialogue between myself and a friend without taking away from my voice. She gave me suggestions to make sure I had fully answered the writing prompt. She was not afraid to cut things out, but took the time to explain why she cut what she did in the editing-note version of my paper. I could not help but think how her personality shined in those edits: Having the strength to say what is wrong and the compassion to say why it is wrong and how it should be fixed. If you are looking for someone to advise you on your future, there is no one who will be as comprehensive as Liz because at the end of the day, it is just who she is and what she does.”


— Bobby, Chestnut Hill College, Grad School

"Liz was an absolute pleasure to work with! She really took the time to understood my goals in my job hunt. From our conversations, she was able to accurately and intelligently portray my past work performance in the work-of-art that is now my resume. I'm excited to find my next career move with my newly polished resume. I have already received an interview from the first company that I applied to. If I could rate her with more than 5 stars, I would."

- Ivy D.

"Dr. Minei is a professional executive communications consultant with a focus on maximizing message effectiveness while simultaneously minimizing delivery time.

I highly recommend reaching out to begin a dialogue surrounding your objectives. Obtain a quote, shop around, and the savvy decision will come to you.

My experience has been that Dr. Minei's services are highly effective and cost efficient. Dr. Minei has been highly flexible with regards to scheduling times and locations.

Baruch Alumni are especially encouraged to reach out, as Dr. Minei provides a discounted quote for corporate clients with a degree from Baruch."

- Mike P.

Who are my clients, where are they now?

Where were students admitted: 

University of Central Florida, Undergrad

University of Florida, Tampa, Undergrad

Gettysburg College, Undergrad

University of Oklahoma, Grad School

Chestnut Hill College, Grad School

Columbia University, HR Program

Carnegie Mellon, MBA Program

Stern, NYU MBA Program

Stony Brook Geospatial Sciences Program


Organizational Clients:

L & M White Springs Ranch, Drybranch GA

Lululemon, New York, NY

GLStaffing Service, Inc., Margate FL

Norman Fire Department, Norman OK

Parkland Hospital, Dallas TX

KiMswiM Pool School, Denville NJ

Jackson Health System, Miami FL


Where were clients hired?

U. of Texas (Southwestern), Dallas, TX (P.T.)

Fed Ex, Memphis, TN (Inventory Specialist)

Bridgestone America, Nashville, TN (Sales)

Waterstone Resort, Boca Raton, FL (Sales)

Tableau Software, Austin, TX (I.T. Spec.)

Marriott, Miami, Florida (Sales Position)

Panera Bread, Florida (Assistant Manager)

U. of Texas (Southwestern), Dallas, TX (M.D.)

Clayton & McCulloh, Orlando, FL (Attorney) 

HomeAway, Austin, TX (Implementation Spec.)

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