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Brand Success Through Instagram

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Visual media has been on an up-rise, and successful professionals keep up with this change.

Today’s society is flooded with numerous social media platforms. There are approximately 75 million daily users on Instagram. Moreover, individuals are roughly exposed to 200 different posts on a daily basis. Business owners can strategically incorporate Instagram into their promotion rituals to visually interact with the people. This blog post demonstrates the principles of increasing exposure to a corporate Instagram page.

The benefits of representing your business on Instagram are:

1. Showcase the culture: Before you start advertising products and services, consider posts that give potential clients an understanding of the organization. You can manage this impression by showcasing your company’s achievements, displaying the comfortable work environment, portraying philanthropic aspects, and highlighting the comraderie within the organization. Sharing organizational achievements communicates the success of the people and of the company. Posts that narrate team member interests or work related stories demonstrate the company’s culture and builds rapport with your followers.

2. Foster public relations: Get to know your audience. Instagram as a business strategy would be incompetent if you never socially connected with your followers. Many people ordinarily have questions and concerns regarding a product and or a service. Utilize this visual platform to assist them with the appropriate feedback. Fostering relations with the public is easily attainable by starting a conversation with your followers. Comment on posts. Follow members back. This friendly approach allows your followers to be drawn to your page and they will maintain a positive perspective of your company as you address their needs and concerns.

3. Don’t forget to post: Consistency is the key to having an active and successful Instagram. Make sure to upload relevant posts. For instance, you should upload new fall clothes collection for a fashion Instagram and the latest stock indexes for finance oriented Instagram. A word of caution: try not to overwhelm your followers with a new post every hour because this will spam their Instagram feed, which may lead to an unfollow.

4. The latest trends: Keeping up with the latest trends on Instagram will further enhance your connection with followers. In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge addressed and promoted awareness of the ALS disease. As a result, many users looked forward to exploring this trend on Instagram and numerous organizations were discovered as users browsed through the ALS hashtag. The involvement of current employees in the latest trends can build community relations and a sense of goodwill.

5. Link up: Connect all of your social media networks, company webpages, and email accounts to your Instagram as doing so will easily allow your followers to reach out to your company through multiple channels. Your Instagram’s description section should be utilized to list the company’s email account and other social media accounts. Linking social media accounts to an email account can provide ease for followers by eliminating the need to search via communication mode.

With millions of users, Instagram has the power to visually connect your business to your followers. By using the correct strategies and maintaining a positive impression of your company, Instagram can tremendously increase your brand recognition over time. Instagram can illustrate the company’s culture. Therefore, your organization must foster relationships with the followers, keep up with the latest trends, and should links all social media accounts to your Instagram. So, post accordingly.

Tejinder Singh was raised in New York, but his root can be traced back to India. He is currently studying Finance at Baruch College with a minor in Economics and Communications. He passionately enjoys reading literature, running a Tumblr blog, traveling, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

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