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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Clients always tell me, “I haven’t really looked at my resume since the last time I was applying for jobs.” The last time they applied for jobs is often years ago! One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are staying relevant in your career is to routinely revisit the resume, and set a goal to add one new line a month. Adding one new line a month could consist of:

  • Accomplishments or contributions that you made on a new project;

  • An award that you received;

  • A new promotion or position that you achieved;

  • Updates to current lines (e.g., maybe you increased a sales goal or quota);

  • New responsibilities or opportunities at work;

  • New extra-curricular activities or leadership positions in existing involvements.

The possibilities are endless. Staying current on your resume accomplishes three goals: First, you’re actively making strides in your career, so you’re continuing to position yourself as an asset in your current job (a move that helps when you go to ask for that raise!) Second, constantly updating accomplishments means that you’re going to have less to “remember” when searching for new job positions. Lastly, you’ll boost your own career morale about your accomplishments when you see them collecting on paper. So, don’t forget to keep track by aiming to add one new line a month—the benefits are all yours to keep!

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